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LSI Berlin is a modern, trustworthy and incredibly efficient international law firm located in the heart of Berlin with offices in Mitte and Charlottenburg.

Our mission is to provide you with reliable, confidential and sensitive support tailored to your needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to simplify the legal process so that you can meet your obligations quickly and without stress.

The search for legal assistance often comes at pivotal moments, and hiring a lawyer means having someone on your side as you journey through life’s significant milestones.

At LSI Berlin, we understand that we’re dealing with people at critical times, not just the law, and we’re committed to being more than just your law firm. We want to be your trusted partner. We don’t just handle your cases, we handle them with heart.

Whether you’re seeking advice on business law, family law or any other legal matter, LSI Berlin is here to support and guide you every step of the way.

Experience legal services that truly care about the person behind the case.

We have been practicing law for over 20 years and have helped hundreds of people make the most of their legal cases.

Five Star Reviews

“I greatly recommend this service!”

“Your work on my case was excellent!”

“I was particularly pleased about the quick response”

“Got back to me really fast and addressed my concerns professionally”

“A competent and friendly lawyer with a very high level of expertise“

“I will continue to try with their help and the legal protection“

Five Star Reviews

Law Services & Expertise

From the intricate dynamics of family law to the strategic complexities of corporate and commercial law, our team of dedicated professionals is here to assist you with every legal challenge and opportunity you may encounter, whether personal or professional.

We strive to provide legal solutions that not only resolve current issues, but pave the way for future success and stability.

Our comprehensive services are designed to meet your unique needs with precision and care, allowing you to achieve your legal goals with confidence and peace of mind.


Family Law

Family matters require a touch of sensitivity combined with legal expertise. We are here to provide compassionate and comprehensive legal support in all matters related to German family law: drafting prenuptial agreements, advising and representing in divorce cases, dealing with child custody and visitation, and handling adoption cases or paternity issues. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind by ensuring that your rights and relationships are protected so that you can focus on what really matters – your family.

Real Estate Law

Our expertise in real estate law will guide you through any transaction with clarity and confidence, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor, or a business seeking commercial space. We specialize in navigating the complexities of buying property, securing leases, and managing real estate disputes. Let us help you make informed decisions that maximize your investment and minimize your stress.

Inheritance Law

We provide compassionate and thorough legal services to help you plan and manage your wills, estate agreements and the intricacies of probate. Our goal is to ensure that your legacy and wishes are honored, to ease your burden during difficult times, and to secure your family’s future. After the loss of a loved one, we help you deal with succession and inheritance, understanding that this can be an emotional and complex process.

Criminal Law

Facing criminal charges can be a daunting experience that requires a strong and knowledgeable defence. Our firm is dedicated to providing assertive and comprehensive legal support in all areas of criminal law: defending against charges of theft, assault, drug offences and other criminal allegations, representing clients in court, negotiating plea deals and providing guidance through every step of the legal process. We understand the seriousness of these situations and are committed to protecting your rights and achieving the best possible outcome for your case.


Corporate and Commercial Law

Whether you’re starting a new company, scaling your business, or navigating complex corporate transitions such as mergers and acquisitions, LSI Berlin is your partner in all aspects of corporate and commercial law. We provide customized legal advice to entrepreneurs, businesses, professionals, and investors to ensure compliance, optimize operations, and facilitate growth.

Labour Law

In the ever-evolving workplace landscape, it’s important to ensure that employment contracts and workplace policies not only comply with strict German laws, but also support your business objectives and protect your employees. At LSI Berlin, we provide expert advice on drafting and reviewing employment agreements, managing labor disputes, and implementing compliant and effective employment practices. Protect your business and empower your employees with our professional legal support.


There are some common questions that all people ask before hiring a lawyer or law firm, usually related to costs, procedures, possible outcomes and the legal system. Below are brief answers to the questions that almost all of our clients ask us. If you have a question that is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Are we going to win my case?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee any particular legal outcome.

What we can guarantee is that we’ll do everything in our power to get you the legal results you want, or to help you get the most out of your case. Because each case is unique, this outcome may vary significantly depending on your specific circumstances.

We’ll discuss this in great detail before we take your case, we’ll strategize to maximize your chances of a positive outcome, and we’ll prepare for every contingency.

At all times, you’ll feel fully informed and in control of the situation, and we’ll guide you to make the right decisions.

How long do you expect my case to take?

The duration of legal proceedings can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the case, the court’s schedule, and the cooperation of all parties involved. A simple case may be resolved in a few months, while a more complex case may take a year or more.

We will strive to expedite the process without compromising the quality of your representation.

How will you communicate updates to me?

We believe in keeping our clients informed every step of the way, and we strive for transparency in our communications. You will receive regular updates on your case via email and phone calls, as well as reminders of important appointments and deadlines. In addition, you are always welcome to contact our office with any questions you may have.

How do you charge for your services?

Our billing methods depend on the nature of the case. For most and routine matters, we may charge a flat fee. For ongoing work, we typically charge an hourly rate. In either case, we will provide a detailed billing structure specific to your case during our initial consultation.

What are the total costs I should expect?

Total costs may include our fees, court costs, costs of obtaining records, and payments to experts, among other things.

Unfortunately, in some cases it’s impossible to know the cost of a case in advance.

After our initial review, we’ll provide you with an estimate of these costs. We want to make sure there are no surprises and that you’re informed about potential financial obligations.

Who else will be working on my case?

Our team includes other attorneys who may assist with your case, as well as paralegals and administrative staff. Each team member is highly trained and experienced. I will oversee all aspects of your case to ensure a cohesive and comprehensive approach.

Have you handled cases similar to mine?

Most likely, yes. After practicing law for more than 20 years, we have successfully represented clients with favorable results in almost all areas of the law. We can discuss these in more detail while respecting the confidentiality of all parties involved.

Remember that every case is unique, and so is yours. When it comes to applying the law, a small detail can make a big difference and lead to a completely different situation and outcome. If you have a question about your case, it’s best to contact our office.

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With over 20 years of experience, we have mastered the complexities of the law. We’re well-equipped to handle even the most challenging cases, providing you with the expertise needed to navigate the legal system successfully.

Fast and Efficient

Time is of the essence, and we act quickly and efficiently to resolve your legal matters. Our goal is to get you back to focusing on what truly matters, without the burden of legal chores weighing you down.


We believe in speaking your language. Our mission is to explain the complexities, challenges, and opportunities of your case in a straightforward and easily understandable manner, so you always know exactly where you stand.

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