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LSI Berlin is an international law firm managed by Berlin lawyer Eleftheria Leptokaridou, offering legal consulting and representation to international clients in Berlin and Germany. We are English speaking German lawyers with an international mindset and background, and we specialize in providing legal assistance across language and cultural barriers.

If you find yourself dealing with the German legal system but do not speak the language, you will find all the assistance you need from us. Our English-speaking German lawyers will guide and assist you so that you can handle all your legal obligations without incurring additional distress.

An English-speaking lawyer in Berlin will help you with all matters related to German law: write us if you want to open a company in Germany, if you want to get a divorce, or if a close relative has died and you have to deal with the bureaucracy involved in receiving an inheritance.

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Why Choose Us As English Speaking German Lawyers


No Language Or Cultural Barriers

We are not just English speaking German lawyers. We are truly international in mindset and training. We will understand each other perfectly, without language or cultural barriers.


We Find Solutions

Passion for our work and experience gained over a twenty-year career lead us to always find the best solution for our clients; we stop at no obstacle.


English Speaking Network

Thanks to our network of professionals developed over the years, we can quickly introduce you to the best English-speaking notaries, accountants, engineers and architects in Berlin and Germany.

I Want to Hire You as English Speaking Lawyer. What Should I Know?

Does the law firm receive by appointment only?

Yes, we currently receive by appointment only. You can request an appointment in our Mitte or Charlottenburg office by calling +49 30 88702382, sending an email to [email protected] or filling out the contact form on this page.

Can I get an appointment online?

Of course! You can also receive legal advice or counseling via telephone or online tools such as Zoom or Meet. However, especially in more complex cases, receiving legal advice or an opinion through an in-person appointment is preferable. Getting an appointment is the best way to discuss the case in detail, assess its uniqueness, and clarify any doubts that may arise.

Can I receive legal advice online without a meeting?

It is possible to receive a legal opinion online. Please send us a detailed message describing your situation and attach all documents related to your case. Formulate your question carefully, specifying the subject of the advice. Within 48 hours, as soon as we have carefully evaluated the material you have provided, you will receive a cost estimate that you can decide whether or not to approve. If you decide to approve the estimate, you will receive the legal opinion within 72 hours after receipt of payment.

How is the lawyer's fee calculated?

The Act on the Remuneration of Lawyers (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz – RVG) legally establishes the lawyers’ fee and can be consulted online. The lawyer’s fee varies depending on many factors, such as the type of case, the complexity of the case or the time required to handle it.

Can you get an estimate of the costs?

Certainly! Before deciding whether to continue with your case or hire our law firm, you will always receive a cost estimate. Estimates, however, should always be regarded as indicative. In many legal cases, it is impossible to speculate in advance on the activities to be performed and the total cost to be incurred.

Is it possible to know how much the lawyer will cost me precisely?

No, unfortunately. It is not possible to know precisely how much the lawyer will cost. Although you will receive a detailed estimate of the costs incurred, this should always be considered indicative. In many legal cases, it is possible to establish in advance the actual work that will have to be done and, consequently, the total cost that will have to be incurred.

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