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Life is made of contracts, and contracts are part of everyday life. We enter into implicit or explicit contracts in every situation, which also happens within the family!

We enter into a contract when we buy a house with our spouse when two cohabitants rent a flat together when we buy a car or other shared goods.

What should we bear in mind before concluding these contracts? What happens to common property in the event of separation or divorce? These matters, and many more, are what family law is all about.

What a family law lawyer does

The task of an experienced family law lawyer is to deal with contracts within the family: prenuptial agreements, divorce, alimony, and disputes over joint assets and property.

An experienced family law lawyer can draft, review or negotiate contracts, and protect your legal rights under the provisions of these contracts.

Drafting contracts correctly is of paramount importance. Or you can risk putting your assets at serious risk! That is why it is essential to avoid relying on pre-filled templates or those found on the Internet and avoid signing contracts that someone else imposes on you.

Only a trustworthy lawyer considers your wishes and interests and the specific conditions of the case.

Moreover, a family law lawyer becomes crucial when there are children involved in the divorce and issues such as child support, child custody after separation and right of access need to be addressed.


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