Child custody

Child custody after a separation

As long as a couple is living together and things are going well in the family, one tends to take a whole series of issues related to the children and their future for granted.

Suddenly, when one separates, what seemed taken for granted becomes a problem that needs to be urgently addressed. With whom will the children live? How often will the non-custodial spouse be able to see them? And if important decisions are to be made, whose responsibility are they?

In addition to these fundamental issues that one must always address, many others should be thought about before they happen to avoid constant arguments and quarrels: the children’s school, residence camps, travel abroad, vaccines and medical treatment, religion, investment of the children’s money, dangerous sports that one parent likes and not another.

How to proceed? Making the right decisions as parents take work, especially at a hectic time when it is difficult to reason. In such cases, it is helpful to consult a lawyer experienced in family law.

We will be happy to advise you on everything related to child custody and the right of access. These are important decisions that affect the children’s future, and informing them in an informed manner will help everyone to deal with the separation correctly.

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