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A probate lawyer is called upon to solve issues and problems of all kinds. When it comes to property, the first thought is, what should be endowed, but also in whose hands should end up all that we have worked (hard) to create during our lifetime. Therefore, it is natural to want to know what will happen to all the things dear to us. Questions such as: What happens, for example, to someone’s home or business, and who is the heir that the law designates for it? Who also has claims? Do you have any concerns about inheritance law? Contact an expert in inheritance law today.

Inheritance Lawyer – What is his position and when you need one

Every person is different and so are their ideas about the estate. The inheritance lawyer makes it a priority to prevent conflicts and tensions, so it is important to ensure everyone gets their fair share. However, the many legalities of inheritance law often get in the way of a person’s wishes, which can sometimes be difficult to understand.

To ensure that your will meets all legal requirements, our probate lawyers in Athens offer you the professional support and advice you need for a legally secure will. We will find the answers to your specific questions about probate law. Of course, we are also happy to act as your representative and ensure that your last will is implemented as you wish during your lifetime.

Acting correctly as an heir – Disclaimer of Inheritance

The death of a family member or close friend is always a drastic event. If you are subsequently appointed as an heir, this is even more stressful during the period of grief as there are many issues to be sorted out and questions to be answered. That is why we offer our expertise and would like to make it easier for you to deal with issues relating to inheritance, opening a will, and dividing the estate. With your probate lawyer, you will know how the distribution of an estate works, how assets or property can be distributed, and whether debts can be inherited.

You will also know the time limit for disclaiming an inheritance, what to do with the deceased’s accounts, what happens to gifts, and how inheritance advances are taken into account when dividing.

Inherited differences

The death of a loved one is already enough of a burden, and when differences are added, it is not only emotionally a stressful situation but can also become costly and prolonged in certain circumstances. To avoid such a situation, your Berlin probate inheritance lawyer can show you how to prevent an inheritance dispute and what court and out-of-court procedures are available to resolve and support you in these proceedings. Our firm is always there for you in whatever you need.

Inheritance Lawyer for Heritage research

Sometimes you lose each other, even as a family. You don’t know the closest relatives of the testator who have inherited something. In these cases, it helps when a law firm attempts to find them discreetly and confidentially.

Dividing an inheritance

A community of heirs cannot go on forever, but finds its end in the division of the estate. This is when it is decided who gets the parents’ favorite dresser or silverware. It is more complicated if, for example, a property is part of the estate. Because in that case you have to see if the person who gets the property can pay off the other heirs. It is not always the case that there is sufficient inheritance to ensure that everything is distributed appropriately. Our firm’s probate lawyer will take charge of your case.

In this case, it may help if a solicitor assists in drawing up the necessary contracts. Because “division” is a sensitive issue that does not suit everyone. Therefore, it is better to settle everything professionally than to get into unnecessary arguments.

Estate planning / estate administration

As a testator, you can influence the administration of the estate. This can be done by leaving instructions on how to handle the estate. Or by appointing an executor to take care of the estate. If there are no arrangements on the testator’s part, the heirs must decide what is done and how as a community.

The issue of liability plays a role in all of these questions. And, of course, it must also be avoided that individual heirs take something from the estate without agreement or confiscate individual items without that item having been previously noted in an inventory. Talk to an experienced estate law attorney.

A law firm can help ensure that everything is done fairly. The first thing to do is to prepare an inventory of all items and all assets in the estate. After that, many questions arise: How should the household’s impact be addressed? How quickly should one vacate a property and continue to rent it out? Probate Lawyers will solve all the concerns.

How do I write a will?

Are there any formal requirements for a will? Yes, a few preliminary questions arise if you want to dispose of your assets beyond death. The most important thing is to write a will, that is, to assign your assets to persons or institutions.

Finally, when writing a will for a larger estate, it is important to consider that the assets are passed on to the next generation fairly and reasonably. This also raises the question of whether an executor should be appointed. In all of this, Probate Lawyers can help effectively.

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