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Labour Law Lawyer Berlin

Labour law attorneys, as the name suggests, deal with cases related to employment matters.

What is an employment lawyer and what is his or her role?

The employment lawyers at LSI Berlin specialize in employment law and represent both employers and employees in and out of court.

We help ensure that employees are treated fairly and that employers comply with employment laws. Among the many services we provide, we help organizations draft contracts and employee handbooks, and we assist with issues such as wage laws and state law compliance. In addition, we provide assistance with employment-related legal issues such as

  • Employment law violations
  • Breaches of employment contracts
  • Harassment issues
  • Negotiations, litigation or mediation

In short, we help our clients (either employers or employees) by explaining their rights as well as the applicable laws. We can help represent either the employee or the employer in court, while also assisting in drafting or reviewing documents, including contracts and employee handbooks.

An experienced attorney in our firm will analyze your case and provide you with a tailored approach. Based on your needs, we will then take the next steps to best resolve your employment law issue. Each case is unique, and there are always details that an experienced attorney will uncover to achieve the best possible resolution.

When Should You Seek the Help of an Employment Law Attorney?

If you are an employee and you are suffering from any form of employer-instituted wrongful action that is against state law, you can seek the help of an employment law attorney to represent you. There are many claims that an employee can make against their employer because they are guilty of what they are accused of. We help employees and inform them of their rights that they can legally exercise in the workplace.

If employees fear that their rights are being withheld, they can seek the legal services of an employment law attorney to have their issues resolved fairly and legally. Similarly, employment law attorneys also represent employers, helping them to understand the rights of employees and their responsibilities with respect to their employees. For employers, it is a safe practice to have an employment law attorney continue to educate and guide them on the laws that may apply in their workplace.

Hire a Labour Law Attorney

We can ensure compliance and even represent you before regulatory bodies should you ever be found out of compliance. So, whether you are an employee fighting for your rights or an employer defending against false accusations and seeking professional help to ensure compliance, an employment lawyer can help both achieve their goals. The attorneys at our firm are the best way to approach employment-related legal issues.

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