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June 3, 2024

When most people think of domestic violence, they often associate it with physical abuse, usually perpetrated by a male partner, resulting in physical injury. Domestic violence refers to behaviors between current or former intimate partners in which one partner attempts to exert power and control over the other, usually through fear. Domestic violence can be physical, emotional, financial, economic, sexual, social, or spiritual. It includes behaviors that frighten, intimidate, terrorize, manipulate, hurt, humiliate, blame, traumatize, injure, or otherwise attempt to control someone. The domestic violence lawyers at LSI Berlin are here to help.

Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, creed or class. However, certain groups are more vulnerable, including young women, pregnant women, women with disabilities, women with financial difficulties, and women and men who were abused or witnessed domestic violence as children. Our Berlin lawyers for domestic violence have the experience and knowledge to help you safely take the next steps. Do not hesitate to call us.

What are the types of domestic violence?

Domestic violence includes:

Lawyers for Domestic Violence and Physical Abuse

In addition to hitting, punching, or kicking, physical abuse can include

  • Throwing objects
  • Hurting pets or other people around you
  • Holding you down or physically injuring you
  • Psychological or Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is any abuse intended to cause emotional or mental harm that devalues a person’s worth, and is often suffered silently when the harm is not physical.

Emotional or psychological abuse is repeated for the purpose of control and to cause emotional harm or fear. Domestic Violence Lawyers in Partnership will be there for you every step of the way. Our firm specializes in criminal law. Criminal Defense Attorney Eleftheria Leptokaridou, with years of experience in similar cases, is your ally in the difficult situation you are facing. Remember, you are not alone. In a similar case, you can file a petition with the Single Judge of the Court of First Instance with the procedure for interim measures and the issuance of a temporary injunction.

Examples of emotional abuse include

  • Controlling or trying to control you by contacting friends or relatives
  • Controlling or monitoring where you go or who you see
  • Shaming you in public
  • Threats, including harming or taking away children, other family members, or pets
  • Ignoring you or pretending you don’t exist
  • Correcting you to make you feel stupid
  • Scapegoating
  • Any verbal behavior that puts you down or makes you feel like your safety is threatened

The domestic violence attorneys at LSI Berlin know the laws and how to help you and your loved ones. An experienced criminal lawyer will ensure that you receive the support and help you need at every level.

Financial abuse

Also known as financial abuse, financial abuse involves limiting a person’s control over their own money in order to exercise power over it. Financial abusers can:

Restrict access to bank accounts or money
Control assets to feel trapped
Tie up your possessions to take away your freedom, for example to take the keys to a car to prevent you from leaving.
They won’t let you get a job
Forcing you to take out a loan you don’t want
Accessing money without permission

Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Attorney

Most commonly understood, sexual abuse can be

  • Unwanted kissing or touching
  • Threatening or pressuring you to perform unwanted sexual acts
  • Rape or attempted rape
  • Assaulting or threatening to assault or threaten to assault or threaten to have sexual intercourse
  • Intentionally causing pain during sex

Social Abuse

Social abuse is usually used as a way to reduce the victim’s ability to talk about their abuse with family and friends, or to isolate them completely from a support network. Social abuse can occur when a partner does the following

  • Moving you to a place where you don’t know anyone
  • Cutting you off from technology that allows you to interact with family or friends
  • Forbidding family or friends from entering or leaving a home
  • Intentionally destroying others’ personal relationships with you

Domestic Violence and Emotional Abuse Lawyers

This includes the perpetrator using religion or cultural traditions to justify the abuse or denying the victim the ability to practice their religious or spiritual beliefs. This information is designed to prepare you to regain your independence and make an informed, safe decision to stay or leave. If you are not experiencing domestic violence, thank you for learning and becoming an ally. We encourage all supporters to share our content on social media, print our downloads for distribution, and most importantly, tell 3 people what you’ve learned.

Domestic and family violence is often suffered in silence, so any effort to create an open dialect is an opportunity to support your family and friends who may be going through something similar.

The domestic violence attorneys at LSI Berlin are here to provide immediate assistance with whatever you need. Don’t let time pass. You have the option of filing a complaint or lawsuit with your local police department or district attorney’s office.

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