Six reasons why you need a divorce lawyer

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June 3, 2024

Why do I need a lawyer? An attorney is a critical part of any successful divorce team. And heading into this journey without a dedicated divorce lawyer is not an option that is recommended. Therefore, whether you are involved in divorce mediation, divorce conciliation or want to explore the divorce lawsuit route, here are six reasons why you really need an attorney.

1. A divorce lawyer will reduce stress

First, lawyers reduce stress. Just as you don’t have to worry about extra things, a lawyer’s job is to take care of the legal navigation. When you hire an experienced divorce lawyer, you no longer have to worry about all the problems that will come up along the way. Instead, your lawyer will take care of everything for you, freeing up your mental bandwidth so you can focus on more important things.

2. Available for immediate phone consultation

Once you hire an attorney, your spouse is required to ask the attorney if he or she wants any information. This means that you no longer have to feel obligated to answer your spouse’s call or engage in pointless, circular, emotional conversations with him or her. Of course, there are some exceptions that may require you to tune in to each other occasionally.

However, with the minimum required, there is no other reason why you should ever feel obligated to return a call or text.

3. Family Law and Legal Framework

Let’s face it! Family law is not easy. The terminology is filled with enough long sentences to drive anyone crazy. Fortunately, the family law attorneys at LSI Berlin are well versed in legal terminology at every level. Which is great, because it means no more research on your part! An attorney can help you interpret the law and apply it to your unique situation in a way that really makes sense.

This, in turn, will save you a lot of time, money and stress, as there will be a lot of official information to transfer between the parties along the way. Cases like child custody are not easy, and the law firm of LSI Berlin is here for you every step of the way.

4. Experience and Expertise in divorce

Experience is very important. You could say that it is one of the most important elements you will need for your case. In fact, your journey will be filled with crossroads and each option will have a different outcome. However, it can be difficult to feel right about a decision when you have no idea where each one will lead. This is where experience comes in. As someone who has seen it all (or at least a lot of it), an attorney is your guide and support. They will help you understand how each option will affect your divorce and steer you in the direction that will produce the best results.

5. Divorce Paperwork

Paperwork is one of the biggest headaches of divorce – and a major cause of delay and failure. First, you need to figure out what divorce documents you need. Then fill them out – which lines you don’t want to miss and what additional information you’ll need – and that doesn’t even include where you’ll have to file them and how much you’ll have to pay when you do. Hiring an attorney is a quick, stress-free way to get the paperwork done.

Sure, you’ll have to provide information and do the actual signing, but that’s where it stops. Your divorce attorney will not only make sure you fill out the right paperwork, but will also make sure it gets filed.

6. Divorce Risk Mitigation

When it comes to divorce, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Filing the right documents is one of them, but there are also discovery deadlines, financial disclosures, proof of service, and in some cases even protective orders to worry about. All of these things need to be addressed within a specific timeframe and according to a very specific protocol. And failure to follow those protocols will result in delays, to say the least.
In Conclusion

While almost every divorce could benefit from an attorney, not everyone needs the same type of services. For example, a couple who has opted for an uncontested divorce will certainly not need the same level of attorney involvement as a contested divorce.

Similarly, spouses with a prenuptial agreement will probably be fine with mediation. However, all of these couples could benefit from attorney involvement. How much, however, depends on your particular circumstances. A good lawyer is one who tailors his or her legal strategy to your needs. They are the ones who respect your time, your wishes, and perhaps most importantly, your budget, and who fight tirelessly for your rights within the parameters you set.

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