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When clients are looking for a criminal lawyer, they are looking for a criminal lawyer in Berlin with experience. They need a law firm in Berlin that can provide ongoing legal support for his case.

Dealing with every case is our responsibility. We analyze your case and are there for you in any way you need. As leading Berlin Criminal Lawyers, we ensure that you receive a high quality legal defense.

Criminal Lawyers Bthens With Continuous Legal Support

Criminal law is the branch of law that defines the conditions under which the State imposes penalties and security measures. The purpose of criminal law is twofold: on the one hand, it protects by means of sanctions the fundamental values of society, which are indispensable for the smooth coexistence and the achievement of social peace; on the other hand, it protects individual freedoms by limiting the arbitrariness of the State.

The legislator may only threaten the imposition of punishment when it is socially necessary and indispensable for collective freedom and well-being. A penalty is an evil prescribed by law and imposed by a criminal judge, in accordance with a certain procedure, against the perpetrator of a certain offense and because of it as a manifestation of a particular disapproval of him by the legal order.

When a client seeks criminal lawyers Berlin, he needs a law firm that will be by his side in every concern he needs. Using the knowledge that our lawyers possess is the key point in resolving your case.

Undoubtedly, a criminal case always proves to be an extremely serious and traumatic process for both the accused and the civil plaintiff.

On the one hand, the defendant has to go through the arduous process of proving his innocence, while on the other hand, the civil plaintiff has to support and substantiate his accusation. For this reason, the presence of an experienced criminal lawyer in any criminal case is a decisive factor in the outcome of the case. Our professional profile and the credibility of our firm are the details that distinguish us.

Criminal Lawyer with a Sense of Responsibility

A fundamental principle of criminal law is the presumption of innocence and the right of defense of the accused. At Berlin Criminal Lawyers, we believe in this principle so strongly that we will build a relationship of trust with you in order to explore all possible avenues of evidence together.

From the moment your case is assigned to our firm to the very end, we make it our absolute legal and ethical obligation to be with you every step of the way, shouldering the burden and guiding you properly until a positive outcome is achieved for your case. and ultimately vindication.

Each case deserves an individualized approach from the experienced attorneys at our firm. We conduct a thorough analysis and evaluation of all the parameters to resort to our client’s defense. We are there for you at every point, every trial, and every support you need for your assigned case. Criminal offenses and criminal charges are some of the most difficult situations that both the client and the attorney face.

Berlin Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney

Although there are many professional things to consider when choosing a criminal lawyer Berlin, his character should also influence your decision. Find someone who is trustworthy and makes you feel comfortable. Mutual respect is also important. A lawyer who will work hard for you will exercise good judgment and be thorough and attentive in the process, making him a valuable asset.

Criminal Lawyer Berlin With 20 Years of Experience

Our firm has twenty years of experience in the field of criminal law, as its founding members are lawyers who are fully qualified criminal lawyers in Berlin with a daily active presence in the courtrooms having achieved an overwhelming success rate with published decisions in favor of our clients.

By way of indication, the main areas of our activity in the field of criminal law are as follows:

  • Drafting and filing pleadings
  • Pre-trial and investigative proceedings
  • Representation in court
  • Representation in the first and second instance
  • Appeals to the Supreme Court
  • Automatic sentencing
  • Counterfeiting
  • Defamation
  • Slander
  • Fraud
  • Larceny
  • Assault – Robbery
  • Bodily injury
  • Violation of Law on Weapons
  • Violation of Law on Drugs
  • Rape
  • Homicide

We are always available for any information or advice you may need by telephone and at our office by appointment. The best criminal lawyers in Berlin with a high sense of responsibility for your case. Remember that a criminal lawyer must also have excellent knowledge of the law, changes and legal framework.

Knowledge is the basis for being able to find a solution to your case.

Criminal offenses are special and deserve to be handled by specialized law firms.


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