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Drafting of lease agreements – Eviction procedures

The purchase, sale and development of real estate, together with all the legal procedures involved, constitute one of the most important areas of economic activity, which, due to its exceptional importance, necessarily requires the involvement and guidance of an experienced real estate lawyer.

In order to achieve our goal, which is to provide the best protection for our clients and to guarantee the maximum protection of their rights, in addition to our knowledge of the subject, we collaborate with a fully qualified notary, civil engineer and tax advisor. Our services cover the whole range from title control and preparation of a contract for the purchase or sale of real estate to the legal protection of your existing real estate. The real estate lawyer takes all parameters into account.

Real estate law is a term that encompasses various regulations and laws that are relevant when it comes to real estate and law. However, real estate law is not a separate field of law. Anyone who builds, buys or sells houses, buildings and apartments comes into contact with real estate law. Likewise, various parties often consult a law firm or an attorney who specializes in real estate law.

Real estate lawyer – What is his position?

Questions about real estate law aren’t only important if you are planning to rent or buy an apartment. Especially the purchase of real estate is a big step for the buyer, which requires comprehensive advice from a lawyer because of the potential risks. Buying a property is not only an emotional act that often sets the course for the future, but also an event that is often associated with high and long-term financial burdens. Our firm has extensive experience in real estate matters.

Our real estate attorneys can help you weigh the pros and cons. Owning a home is particularly worthwhile in cities with a high demand for housing, such as Berlin. Anyone who invested their money ten years ago will now benefit from a strong increase in value. Therefore, when deciding whether to own a home or purchase real estate, legal and financial considerations and the advice of a lawyer should be taken into account in order to avoid financial losses.

It is advisable to consult a lawyer specialized in real estate law at an early stage. Would you like to become a “homeowner” and have a question about real estate law and its implications? Are you buying a home? The real estate attorneys at LSI Berlin are here to help.

If you have questions about real estate law, a real estate attorney can advise the parties involved in a variety of ways. The Berlin law firm of LSI Berlin specializes in real estate law.

Why choose a real estate lawyer in Berlin

In case of disputes with your landlord (e.g. in case of rent increase, registration for personal use or termination), landlords in case of problems in the community, and buyers or sellers who want to protect themselves from unpleasant surprises that may arise from a land charge or a defective sales contract when buying or selling real estate.

This is why real estate buyers, investors, private developers, architects, engineers and property managers benefit from detailed legal advice on real estate law from an attorney at our law firm.

This includes in detail:

  • Preliminary investigations for the purchase of real estate by an attorney
  • Pre-qualification for real estate purchase by a surveyor before the real estate purchase attorney
  • Review and negotiation of real estate purchase agreements

The real estate lawyer also advises individuals and companies in disputes related to construction law. Advice ranges from the preparation and conclusion of contracts to wage and salary claims, independent evidence procedures, warranty, and the assertion or defence of claims for defects. An experienced real estate lawyer has the ability to provide solutions to even the most complex proceedings.

What are the responsibilities of a real estate attorney?

When closing a difficult part of the transaction, a real estate attorney should be present to review the forms and documents. They mostly cover legal scenarios related to mortgage documents, conveyance documents, title documents, purchase agreements, and even court matters of homes for sale. They are responsible for reviewing your real estate contract, an important document that states all the terms agreed upon in your purchase, the purchase price, and the conditions of the property. In this case, they will make sure that the document is legal and binding on both parties before they sign the document.

In cases where you need to cancel a contract, a real estate lawyer can provide details and procedures before you proceed. Your real estate attorney is responsible for reviewing your documents, including the mortgage loan documents, title insurance policy, and title deed, to ensure that the transaction is legally sound. These are complex documents that require thorough review and should be evaluated by an expert.

During the closing, they will thoroughly review the property’s financial statement and evaluate the debits and credits to see if they were properly issued according to the agreed upon terms of the contract. To keep things running smoothly without delays, they will work closely with the Realtor on schedules for home inspections, title searches, etc.

They will provide approval for appointments when necessary. As the client’s representative, they also make legal presentations at hearings, legal arguments, and court proceedings.

How do you find the right real estate attorney?

One of the best ways to find a real estate attorney is to ask someone you trust for a recommendation. If you are still unsure of the above options, there are many ways in which you can find an attorney to work with the legal aspect of your home selling/buying journey. Choosing a real estate attorney takes time and a lot of research, but finding the right one will pay off in the end.

Will I need a real estate attorney at the closing?

Yes, because real estate attorneys help prepare your real estate closing, especially the title records. They make sure that the seller can transfer title to the property before the transaction proceeds. They protect the property from being divided in some cases where there is a servitude or title claim.

Are you looking for a lawyer or information on building or leasehold law? Do you have questions about a purchase agreement or the use of land? If you are looking for an attorney specializing in real estate law and need legal advice, you will find the right contact person for your concerns at LSI Berlin. You can contact an attorney who will be happy to answer your questions.

Our mission is to minimize the risks and unnecessary costs of your case.

Indicative presentation of legal services:

  • Title control and representation in real estate purchase or sale contracts
  • Issues of donation or parental provision
  • Any action to record or eliminate a mortgage or mortgage note
  • Legal actions and injunctions for possession, ownership
  • Defense against seizure or auction of immovable property
  • Land registry matters
  • Problems of management and regulation of multi-storey buildings
  • Actions for distribution, compensation

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