Divorce Lawyer in Berlin

Divorce and legal separation

Divorce and separation are challenging times in a person’s life. The end of a relationship, which may have lasted years, is usually marked by misery and strong negative emotions. These are compounded by legal complications, likely to result in a lengthy and costly process.

The best way to avoid these complications is to reach an out-of-court settlement, a separation agreement or a consent divorce. However, doing this presupposes a willingness to avoid conflict and accept compromises.

Compromising is not always easy, especially when anger and pain are fresh. It is sometimes a difficult choice to accept, but it is the one that pays off the most in the long run. Only by reaching an agreement with your spouse will it be possible to establish the conditions of separation or divorce regarding the division of property or the home.

Based on our many years of experience in divorce matters, out-of-court agreements are beneficial and always pay off. Reaching a consensual agreement is also the best way for parents to continue caring for their children together.

If you wish, I will work out an out-of-court divorce agreement with you. It is possible to involve your partner by setting up a joint discussion. Or we can draft the agreement between lawyers when each party prefers to be assisted by their lawyer.

The contract negotiated and drafted by the lawyer will then be notarized.

Once the contract is concluded, you can think about your future and move on to the new phase of life that awaits you.

Sometimes, however, reaching an out-of-court agreement is impossible or is not the optimal solution for the case. In this case, we represent and protect your interests in separation and divorce proceedings before the family court.

Our Divorce Services

Initial consultation for divorce

An initial consultation can clarify all kinds of family law issues. Some clients come before separation because they want to know what to look for when separating. Can she move in with the children? Does he already have to separate? Who has to move out?

Most clients come to us shortly after separation to discuss their arrangements regarding the consequences of separation.

You will receive legal and tactical advice to make you fit for separation and divorce.

We will make initial calculations on maintenance, earnings or property division if necessary.

After the initial consultation, you will decide whether or not you would like to be represented by us later as your divorce lawyer.

Here are some of the questions that clients most frequently ask during an initial divorce consultation.


  • How can I separate?
  • Since when can I call myself separated?
  • From when does maintenance for the children and me start?
  • Do I have to pay alimony?
  • Who keeps the marital home?
  • Do I have to give notice to my spouse before they leave the house?
  • What happens if our bank accounts are shared?
  • Do we need to set everything out in a legal contract?

We know that going through a divorce is not easy. Request an appointment today to discover how to get the most out of it.